05 August, 2013

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun is an underachieving salesman living in London with two flatmates, industrious Pete and freeloader Ed.  Shaun’s life outside of work consists mainly of spending each evening at the Winchester (Shaun and Ed’s favourite pub) with Ed and his girlfriend Liz, along with her flatmates David and Dianne.
After a miserable day at work, which contributes to his forgetting, as he had promised, to book a table at a restaurant for his and Liz’s anniversary, to make up for their rather boring usual practice of going to the pub. 
Shaun, having been dumped by Liz, drowns his sorrows with Ed at the Winchester; he resolves to sort his life out.
The next morning, zombies have overwhelmed the town, but Shaun is too hungover to notice; however, he and Ed soon become aware of what is happening after channel-surfing reports on TV about the outbreak of zombies and discovering one in their own yard.
“Shaun of the Dead” is the first in the Cornetto trilogy* by Simon Pegg and Ed Wright, co-starring Nick Frost, and featuring several actors from previous television shows starring Pegg and Frost, including Jessica Stevenson and ‪Peter Serafinowicz‬ from “Spaced”.
Blood, gore, zombies, Kate Ashfield, and lots of jokes—what more do you want (within reason) from this sort of movie?  Yes, zombies have been done before, but not like this; this is the first movie of its type and does it spectacularly.
“Shaun of the Dead” is an entertaining ninety minutes full of the black comedy (which you might expect if you have seen “Spaced”—if not, I recommend watching it), and it is still entertaining after repeated viewings.

9 out of 10

*Each film in the trilogy—“Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End”—is connected to a Cornetto ice cream.  “Shaun of the Dead” features Shaun buying a red, strawberry flavoured Cornetto, which symbolises the film’s blood and gore.

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